Cytel provides tailor made services for smooth day-to-day operation as well as for a confident design, plan and implementation phase.

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Excellent professionals provide you with professional consulting services.

Our engineering department will carefully analyse your requirements and define the demands which must be met by the different sub-systems.

Our personnel will accompany you throughout all phases of the realisation and implementation of the access system project: ranging from the coordination with the building contractors, the individual system configuration to the installation, commissioning and acceptance of the functioning system. We offer customized solutions for the most economical operation of your system by means of our graded maintenance and repair service.

We will not be satisfied until parking in our facilities is optimal, free from disturbance and attractively priced, due to the support and know-how of our team.

Our services extend far beyond the configuration of an access system

Customer Specific Solutions

According to your actual situation, put forward a specific characteristic plan.

There are a great many good ideas, but only a few are ever actually put into action

Based upon its excellent, long-term development and parking application know-how, Cytel (Shanghai) Ltd. is a strong and competent partner in fulfilling customer specific requirements. Our Chengdu based R&D team will not re-invent the wheel, but will use existing hard- and software components and adapt them to individual customer requirements.

All our individual applications and devices always meet our high standards imposed on reliability, safety and ease of maintenance.

The only good ideas are those that work in practice


Professional personnel come home to solve your difficulties at any time.

Regular maintenance and repair to ensure normal operation of the system.

An uninterrupted operation is crucial, then your car park is the business card of your facility. However, as parking operator, you want to be able to plan and calculate the price tag of providing a first good impression.

We support you in this objective by providing modular maintenance services, ranging from hotline, remote support, local on-site interventions within a clearly-defined period of time to an insurance covering all costs for time and material for a predefined period.

Your parking system is part of your business success